Thera News

The design and the name behind the Thera jewelry is inspired by the island of Santorini in Greece, originally was named Thera. The jewelry is dramatic and elegant at the same time, and represents a graphic and sharp expression.

Kharisma News

The iconic collection is named after the Greek word for personal charisma and is centered on a dynamic, rounded shape. The new jewelry in the Kharisma collection captures the spirit of wome and the essence of Forever Now. The curve of the interlocking bands represents a visual movement and is iconic in its simplicity. The unique hand-fillet surface characterizes the Dulong jewelry.

Piccolo News

Mellow and Bloom are two new necklaces in the Piccolo collection, which both make up with the idea of ​​how a typical necklace should look like. The pearls and the various gemstones are put together in color combinations that make the necklace harder to decode and create curiosity. The necklaces change the expression according to what you wear, and therefore you never get tired of this piece of jewelry.

Glory News

Our new Glory jewelry consists of exclusive brilliant cut diamonds and offers an elegant feel. Let the timeless jewelry be passed down from generation to generation.

Pacific News

The inspiration from the sea can be seen in the stunning blue opals chosen by Dulong specifically for the Pacific rings. The blue opal changes in colors from light summer sky to deep blue denim. The opals have a soft light and a slightly marbled look, which adds plenty of depth and life to the stones. The blue opals can also be find in our Globe pendants which easily can be worn with our Kharisma, Esme and Luna earrings.