Anello earrings. Medium.
Anello earrings. Medium.
Anello earrings. Medium.

Anello earrings. Medium. Gold 18 K

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Classic, edgy and glamourous. The Anello earrings are elegant and beautiful and fit all women. The Anello earrings are available in three sizes; choose the small and medium size for a clean and elegant look and the large for a more glamourous look. The Anello earrings come with or without diamonds. Pair with other jewelry from this collection for a versatile and beautiful look or mix with jewelry across collections for a personal and stunning look.
  • Collection: Anello
  • Jewelry type: Earrings
  • Details: Without diamonds

Anello Collection

Anello is the Italian word for circle and is essential in the Dulong Fine Jewelry universe. Its infinite shape symbolizing eternity with no beginning and no end is repeated onto earrings, rings, arm rings, bracelets and pendants. The collection comes with or without freshwater pearls and Tahitian pearls.