Delphis amulet necklace. On stream chain, 47 cm.

Delphis amulet necklace. On stream chain, 47 cm. Silver

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Delphi's amulet is Dulong Fine Jewelry's modern interpretation of the classic amulet. The Delphis amulet is an exclusive piece of craftsmanship with 5 shiny, high-gloss balls that lie like little raindrops on the velvety surface. In one bullet is taken a brilliant.

  • Collection: Delphis
  • Jewelry type: Necklaces
  • Details: Edgy and outstanding, Without diamonds

Delphis Collection

The Delphis collection is delicate and feminine and based on an intricate design with small, shiny drops placed in an asymmetrical pattern across rings, earrings, arm rings and pendants. The collection comes with or without freshwater pearls and Tahitian pearls. The result is both edgy and glamorous with a touch of relaxed bohemian attitude.