Future ring. With smoky quartz.

Future ring. With smoky quartz. Gold 18 K

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The classic Future ring with the striking gemstone smoke quartz. For the ring we have used untreated smoke quartz, which is known for its special brilliance and clear color, where brownish hues and vivid undertones from the stone's own natural patterns create a special dynamic that makes the ring energetic and vibrant to look at. The beautiful properties of the stone are highlighted by our own butterfly-cut grinding and the unique ring of the Future ring, which lifts the stone so that it hovers over the finger and instills strength, optimism and elegance.

  • Collection: Future
  • Jewelry type: Rings
  • Details: Edgy and outstanding, Smoky quartz, Without diamonds, Year jewelry

Future Collection

Bring the future into the present. Inspired by our vision of a golden future, the Future collection embraces transformation, optimism and poetry by combining traditional craftsmanship with high-tech innovation and uncompromising design. The 18 K gold ring comes with either an alluering mint green beryl or a clear and shiny smoky quartz in our signature butterfly-cut that reflects the light and brings out the beautiful structures of the stones.