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Kharisma neckring.

Kharisma neckring. Silver

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The beautiful and elegant Kharisma neck ring consists of a simple, lightweight piece of precious metal, which is bent so that it elegantly follows the contours of the body and ends just above the collarbone in a fine curved shape. The neckband comes with a brilliant and is made in a stylish design that gives a feminine and sophisticated look. The neckband is beautiful to wear alone - and is beautiful in combination with other jewelery across the collections.

  • Collection: Kharisma
  • Jewelry type: Necklaces
  • Details: Go glamorous, Without diamonds

Kharisma Collection

The iconic collection is named after the Greek word for personal charisma and is centered on a dynamic, rounded shape. New items include a ring in 18 K gold and silver with a brilliant cut diamond. Our signature hand filing plays with the light and adds playful sophistication to every occasion. Whenever you move your hands, you will see light reflected in the brilliant cut diamond and in the silky, matte textures. This piece of jewelry is for life and can be passed on to future generations