Kharisma neckring.

Kharisma neckring. Silver

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The beautiful and elegant Kharisma neck ring consists of a simple, lightweight piece of precious metal, which is bent so that it elegantly follows the contours of the body and ends just above the collarbone in a fine curved shape. The neckband comes with a brilliant and is made in a stylish design that gives a feminine and sophisticated look. The neckband is beautiful to wear alone - and is beautiful in combination with other jewelery across the collections.

  • Collection: Kharisma
  • Jewelry type: Necklaces
  • Details: Go glamorous, Without diamonds

Kharisma Collection

The iconic collection is named after the Greek word for personal charisma and is centered on a dynamic, rounded shape. New jewelry captures the spirit of women and the essence of Forever Now. The curve of the interlocking bands represents a visual movement and is iconic in its simplicity. The unique hand-fillet surface characterizes the Dulong jewelry.